Bucket hat pattern guide

Which bucket hat pattern should you choose?


  1. A quick overview of the 5 crochet patterns
  2. What stitches and techniques to know in each pattern
  3. Listed by level of difficulty 
  4. Still in doubt?


Pattern #1:

The very first bucket hat pattern I created - a hat with a checkered pattern

This pattern can also be used to create a single-colored hat (so you ignore the instructions on how to make the checkered pattern).

I also used this pattern when I made the hat showed in photo 2 (just using scrap yarn)


Pattern #2

My bestseller hat - made from scrap yarn with a round of a gap/hole pattern 


Pattern #3

Another scrap yarn hat but with 3 stripes with a stripe/square pattern. I have always made this hat in neutral earthy colors. 


Pattern #4

Another bestseller: The crab hat - the cutest summer stable


Pattern #5

A bucket hat using a mix of double, half double and single crochet stitches. The perfect pattern to use if you want to practise some of the different basic stitches.


Stitches and special techniques

Stitches used in ALL 5 patterns:

- Magic ring (to begin the hat)

- Single crochets

- Increase 

- All hats are crocheted in rounds


Stitches/special techniques used only in some patterns:

Pattern 1, 3 and 4: 

Color change without cutting the yarn technique (tapestry crochet):

- Used to create the checkered pattern (pattern 1)

- Used to create the stripe/square pattern

- Used to create the crab pattern

If you do not know this technique I recommend searching for "tapestry crochet" video guides - for example on Youtube. I also have a video on my tiktok @dinaleacrochet where I show how to change color without cutting the yarn. 


Pattern 2:

- Double crochet and chains are used to create the gap/hole pattern (only for 1 round)

- Regular color change (optional)


Pattern 5: 

- Half double crochet

- Double crochet

- Chains and slip stitches

- Regular color change (optional)


What patterns are the easiest?

Easiest patterns:

Pattern 2 and 5 are the easiest because you do not need to know how to change color (optional) - if you want to achieve the same look as the ones on the cover (and not a uni-colored hat) you do need to know regular color change (but not tapestry crochet)

Pattern 2 is a great project for using up scrap yarn - but can also be made in a single color

Pattern 5 is great for practising the different basic stitches (double crochet, half double crochet and single crochet)


Pattern 1, 3 and 4 are still quite simple because here you only need to do single crochets (and increases of course) - the difficult, but also fun, part of these patterns is the tapestry crochet. But as mentioned you can find tons of tutorials online - including one on my tiktok @dinaleacrochet

Still in doubt?

Do you still not know which pattern to get? Maybe you even want to try them all...

I've got you! I have gathered all 5 hat patterns in a pattern bundle - but only for the price of 2. 

All patterns are available in either danish or english. 

After purchasing all you need to do is download the PDF-file to save the pattern on your device. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Instagram: @dina_lea


With love, Dina Lea <3